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A Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

By Eddie Hallam

Currently OUT OF STOCK - Orders can be placed. Once you have ordered an out of stock sculpture we will contact you within 48 hours to advise the timescale for delivery. This will usually be 8 to 12 weeks depending on foundry production timescales.


I have always had a soft spot for puffins. Having spent two summers living with puffins I feel that I know them very well. They have a very hard life, being constantly harrassed by gulls during the summer months, they have to face the hardship of a winter in the North Atlantic.


Most of my puffin sculptures have originated from St Kilda studies, or Skoma studies. I have more puffin sketches than any other bird.


Limited Edition of 30


  • 3.217kg

  • 16 x 23 x 14cm

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