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Eddie Hallam

Wildlife Conservationist and Sculptor

   30 Years of Sculpting   

From being a small child Eddie had become totally fascinated by all kinds of wildlife. He set his heart on becoming a wildlife conservationist.


On leaving school at 15 he studied hard at evening classes to get enough qualifications to go to university. He enrolled at university to do an honours degree in Biological Services. It was at this time that he realised that he had also entered the art world through a back door.


To become a top field biologist, it was essential that you could sketch quickly, accurately and proficiently, for both recording and identification purposes. It was also a long-standing tradition that good biologists were often good artists.

He found he loved sketching, especially in the field and he has carried on sketching throughout his life, and to this day he is rarely caught without his sketching bag.


Eddie also became an active wildlife conservationist for many years. In or around, 1990 he visited a gallery in Suffolk and saw an exhibition by Nick Bibby featuring his wonderful wildlife sculptures. The following week he started buying pieces of sculpting kit and then he was on his way. From his biological work he knew he had a good knowledge of anatomy, feather groups etc and it all seemed to come together very quickly. Eddie had his first bronze sculpture cast within months of starting and he has now been sculpting for 30 years.

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