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My fascination with feathers.

This morning whilst out walking my collie dog, I found this pristine feather which had been dropped by a passing wood pigeon.

I’ve had a big fascination with feathers since I had to create one for a puffin sculpture some time ago. I used a skua feather to use as a model, which I had carefully brought back from Hermaness, a small Shetland island.

The puffins also have a fascination for skua feathers, they see them as a perfect furnishing for their nesting burrows. They carry the long feathers to the burrow entrance and try to carry it down the narrow burrow. They repeat this many times before dropping the feather only for another puffin to come along, to go through the same process, with the same result. I also had several attempts at creating a feather before getting one to look the part for this sculpture.

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