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Our lovely village

The autumn flowering crocus.

Our lovely village has been subjected to an ugly battering this week, in order to install cables for fibre broadband. It is a major event in the life of this usually tranquil village.

Whilst the village has been spoiled by machinery, noise and barriers, one of the fields has had the flowering of the autumn crocus. They have flowered every year for as long as I can remember and are a very welcome sight. I don’t know if they are rare or common. They are very pretty, yet delicate.

One thing about them that is baffling is the difference in the number of them each year. Some years there are hardly any, but, in others there are thousands. The two fields where they are have not had any notable changes for many years, so why the numbers should change so much is a puzzle.

Something must vary, but, what it is, is hard to define.

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