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Welcome to my studio

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

You are more than welcome to visit my gallery.

I always think that buying a bronze sculpture should be a pleasant, special experience and not just an ordinary purchase. For this reason, and to help with this experience I welcome visitors to my gallery and workshop. The only thing I ask is that you telephone first to make sure that I will be here.

The more you know about a sculpture the more you will enjoy and cherish it.

All my sculptures start there live as a series of sketches, which are drawn from life in the field. From the sketches working drawing are made and then the sculpting begins. There are many forms of sculpting, involving many techniques and different materials. Eventually a “pattern “ is produced that is sent to the foundry to be moulded and cast.

The casting is done by the ancient, lost wax method which was first used 5500 years ago. After casting the sculpture is finished and patinated.

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