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A Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

By Eddie Hallam

Terns are great birds to sketch, whether in flight or resting on the ground. They can create so many wonderful shapes with their long, delicate wings. When nesting, they can be very aggressive and will not hesitate to attack if you enter their territory.


I sketched this bird on the Farne Islands where they are quite used to people and they will often sit on a fence pole preening and shuffling their feathers. Often they suffer from predators who wait for the terns to return to the breeding grounds with a beak full of small fish.The predators, gulls mainly, harass the terns until they drop their precious cargo of fish.

As all of our sculptures are made to order, delivery may take up to 10 weeks.


Limited Edition of 30


  • 3.832kg

  • 30 x 28 x 11cm

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