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A Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

By Eddie Hallam

This sculpture is the result of two otter encounters I had on my travels. The first was unfortunately dead, killed by a car in Shetland. I brought this one home and measured, sketched, and noted every detail. I promised him I would sculpt him in bronze. It caused quite a commotion when my haversack, complete with dead otter, went through the scanner at Aberdeen Airport.


The second otter, I met on the Isle of Gigha. I was sketching turnstones on the shoreline when I saw the otter, some 150 metres away coming towards me. I quickly hid and waited. The otter slowly ambled into view a few feet from me, caught my scent and stopped abruptly, in a pose I could only have dreamt of. Seeing no danger, he moved off. I made a quick sketch on the only paper I had which was covering the turnstones.


As all of our sculptures are made to order, delivery may take up to 10 weeks.


Limited Edition of 9


  • 15.7kg

  • 88 x 31 x 37cm

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