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A Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

By Eddie Hallam

I have been fascinated by avocets for a long time. They had been extinct in Britain for many years until they returned to breed, in the 1940s, on Havergate Island in Suffolk.


I remember cycling as a young boy, along with two friends, from Sheffield to Orford Quay. We eagerly awaited the arrival of the small rowing boat which was to take us over to the island. Havergate is an island in the middle of a wide river. Under close supervision, we were escorted by the warden to be shown these wonderful birds. It proved to be a special moment and one that lives with me to this day.


From that day, I have watched, sketched, painted, carved in wood, and now sculpted avocets. I will doubtless do more.

As all of our sculptures are made to order, delivery may take up to 10 weeks.


Limited Edition of 30


  • 4.557kg

  • 28 x 30 x 21cm

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