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A Bronze Wildlife Sculpture

By Eddie Hallam

Some years ago I was lucky enough to spend a month on St Kilda. It is a wonderful place, 45 miles west of the Outer Hebrides and is the breeding ground for tens of thousands of puffins. During my stay I spent many happy hours watching and sketching the antics of these enchanting birds. It is no coincidence that many of my sculptures are of puffins.


On several occasions I saw puffins pick up the large wing feathers of the Gulls and Skuas. They would try repeatedly to take the feather down their burrows, but, try as they might, they could not make it fit down the narrow opening of the hole. Eventually they would discard the feather and let if fly away. Invariably it would be picked up by another puffin and the action would start all over again.

As all of our sculptures are made to order, delivery may take up to 10 weeks.


Limited Edition of 30


  • 2.036kg

  • 24 x 23 x 24cm

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